Tuesday, 15 May 2012

For sale: A near entire 1997 Ford Puma Interior...

Firstly I think I speak for both myself and my brother when I say a huge thanks to everyone for all their support. The blog has had over 700 visitors, we have had people tweeting support, Facebook messages and a large percentage of you hit a Google advert on this blog. To say we were amazed at the level of support would be an understatement.

So what have we done since those first introductions? The car had a very uneventful journey on a hired trailer from the driveway of my mother's house to my garage. That was almost too easy with virtually no issues other than the Puma's brakes not quite performing as desired. But as these will be the first things to be replaced this wasn't a disappointment.

Stage 2 was to strip as much of the interior out of the car to save as much weight as possible. Carpets, door cards, roof lining, rear seats, parcel shelf, stereo, passenger seat all were removed in a three hour hack and slash. Once again (but generally expected) this was completed with very little trouble. Next stage is to replace the stock brakes for something that will last longer than a couple of laps.

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