Friday, 20 July 2012

1st Visit to see LIVE race

Just a quick update, we are still here!

Saturday the 14th Chris and myself headed out to Scunthorpe Autograss to see what happens at a race meeting.

We arrived at the venue just before 9am and turned onto the site. The first thing we saw was a line of HUGE motor-homes! We instantly felt like the poor cousins with our 2nd hand 300 quid trailer!

Having had a quick walk round we quickly found an elevated view on the back corner of the circuit (a great viewing spot). Before we knew it 6, 10, 15 races had taken place. Quick 4 lap races full of great racing and noise!

So well organised as one race finished the next one starts. The cars and driving was amazing - I was shocked by how few `Racing Incidents ` there were. We did see a couple of scary roll overs and this bit of skilled driving....
Going to view has given us a kick up the backside to get going on the car again. 

We will have another update very soon.