Wednesday, 25 April 2012

And so it begins...

One Sunday afternoon I arrive at my mother's house to find the Ford Puma that my brother has loving left on her drive is yet to sell. It prompts me to suggest that we should strip it out and go racing with it. Luckily for me my brother had already had the exact same idea! And so the Racing Puma Project was born...

The Plan

Over the next 12-18 months the plan is that our stock 1997 1.7ltr Ford Puma will be stripped out, racing seat fitted, roll cage installed and two idiots will enter it into RallyCross races! Over this period we will be blogging our progress including the costs, pit falls, lessons learnt and the fun we've had... hopefully.

First on the to do list is to clear a space in my garage and move it 25 miles from my mother's house to my house. On the upside my brother has a 3ltr Daihatsu Fourtrack with a tow bar, the downside is we don't have a vehicle trailer. £50 rental for the day will do for now but we both think that if this gets serious it may be one investment we can't afford not to make.

Second on the to do list is to start stripping it out. Now Haynes didn't make a manual for the Puma so we will have to make do with the platform sharing Mk4 Ford Fiesta. Apart from the 1.7ltr engine I'm told it covers pretty much all the basics. eBay has them for around £14 new, but as we are keeping costs down hopefully a second hand one will pop up soon.


  1. A second hand Haynes manual, slick! All the best with this, looking forward to more updates. Lords PhotoDigital has 20p spare so I could grab a sponsorhip slot with that, right?

  2. Sure Tom, 20p will get your mug as a postage stamp "Your Racing Car" style!